Jex's Photo on Monday, 24 November 2014

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When I started in Room 18 I was reading level 5 books like "Little Terriers" now I can read level 16 books like "Pop pop pop"

I am very happy with how much better I am now at reading! I had to show my CARE values a lot and work really hard. Next year I am going to get even better!

A&P Show Writing

After we went to the A&P Show we wrote thank you letters to the parents who took us.

In writing I am learning to... Think about the beginning middle and ends of my words

Basic Facts

In maths each morning we have a basic facts slam. We have two minutes to answer 20 basic facts questions. If we can answer all of them in less then a minute five times in a row we get to move to the next level. Here is my basic facts slam page.


In Discovery this week we were using language, symbols and text and showing our CARE values. 


I was showing my CARE values by... 

Garden Discovery

In Discovery each week we look at how we can show the CARE values, here is how we showed our CARE values in our Garden Discovery!

"I was helping pull the grass"