Term 2 Writing Sample

Term 2 Topic

We are learning to:
  • Express our understanding of change.
  • Explain how a plant changes

Success Criteria
  • I can express my understanding of change
  • I can sequencing how a seed changes into a plant
  • Use play dough or a pen to create a picture for what change means
  • I can order a series of pictures into the correct order depicting the growth of a seed into a plant

In the middle (during teaching)

  • Change is... change colour
At the end (after teaching)
  • Change is... 

Term 2 Statistics

We are learning to:
  •  Sort objects into categories for display
  • Make a display of the data collected (pictograph)
  • Make statements about data displays

Success Criteria
  • My data will be sorted and displayed in a pictograph
  • Make statements about my pictograph

      These are the things I said about my pictograph

  •       The ladybugs have the most
  •       The cats have the least
  •       There are 3 elephants

Term 2 Writing

We are learning to:

  •  Spell some words correctly
  • Use approximations according to the initial sound

Success Criteria

  • I can spell some words correctly
  • I can write the first letters of some words

Next Step

  • I am attempting all of my own words using the sounds I can hear