C.A.R.E Values Blog, Week 8-9, term 3

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My goal is to develop the consistent use of our CARE Values towards all the people I interact with and for myself .
  • My strengths are in being a respectful student because i'm a community minded person,
  • I have almost achieved my bronze certificate.

  • I am going to work towards My spelling words  Because I don't really do much I am going to do this by respectfully and quietly and make good choices where i sit.

My reading goal term 3

My learning Goals for Term 3 is

I have been identifying my literacy goals for the start of term 3
My reading teacher is Mr Forman and Mrs March
My writing teacher is Mr Forman

My handwriting goal is to is correct all words

My spelling goal is to complete list 6

My writing goal is to write about a moment in time using a picture prompt
use a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences
use a variety of verbs and adjectives to make my writing more interesting, and
precise nouns 

My reading goal is to spell out words that I don't know

My blog goals are to add more detail to my blog posts

I am proud of My handwriting

Te Reo Maori

    WALT We have been learning language About Ko Au Which Means Me Myself And I.

Something I learnt to say is Tena Koto Ko Jex Toku Ingoa it means Jex is my name.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Something I need to learn more is more of my mihi.

Integrated Learning

WALT: Design a piece of furniture.

I learned to make my piece of furniture fast.

Here is an example of my learning: me and my partner made a double story table with a slide for going down.

Next time I will make it so it doesn't fall down.


WALT: throw, strike and kick large balls.

I learned how to pass a ball to a person

Here is an example of my learning: I can kick a ball far away .

Next time I will kick a ball higher above the ground

Jex's Post on Friday, 12 August 2016

Title Maths WALT skip count forwards and backwards in 2s 3s 5s I learned to skip count in my forwards in 2s 5s 10s and backwards in 5's and 10's. Here is an example of my learning 2 4 6 8 5 10 15 20 10 20 30 40 50 Next time I will work on skip counting backwards in 2's and I will try harder with my 3s